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I'd like if the game allowed pregnancy mode to be off yet still have awake mode and stuff.

If you turn pregnancy mode off in awake mode and switch positions, it still says shes pregnant



Well that's embarrassing. They're so obvious, not sure how I didn't catch them. Thanks for pointing them out 


This game is legit amazing, such detail and really makes you imagine the things that are happening. If I could I would rate this game a 500/10

That means a lot! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much.

Hey, I just wanted to say I loved every minute of it and that I would love to help you make games if you wanted any. I did find a small spelling mistake, you may wish to fix it. I woke her up and came on her belly after switching positions and this happened:
[Your sister] swats your hand away from your cock, and wraps her own hand around it and beings to stroke you.

The mistake is with "beings", it should be "begins"
I haven't published any games myself but I have some necessary skills, just FYI if you wanted to contact me.


Oh I figured it out.  To move on you want to do at least each action once and then turn on pregnancy.  Good stuff!

You know.  I didn't think a text game would be this interesting, but this really got me excited.  It is an awesome game.  I could not unlock awake mode either, but I was happy to just keep playing!

just cum in every way possible or wake her up while she's pregnant


Gr8 work m8


I've done everything now. Is there no ending? Do I just continue repeating stuff?

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Correct, there is no concrete ending. Once you've unlocked Awake Mode, that's it. Sorry if that disappoints.

are there images?

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No. I do not have the capabilities to use sexually explicit visuals, which is why it is entirely text-based.

ok... amd thankyou for your reply)) 


You Should Put In The Game Put Panties And Pants Back On And add a Bra Or Sports Bra

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Wouldn't mind an epilogue to were she gives birth.


There should be an ending where she wakes up and wants you.

there is a mode where if you do everything she wakes up and its revealed she knew and does want you


will she ever have a baby

How do you get your sister's pussy wet?

I had a lot of fun with this. Are you gonna make anymore games like this, like a version where the sister pervs on a sleeping brother?

how do i even get these

(sorry for my bad drawing skills)

You need to fuck her pussy/ass and it will give you the options


The bottom two stats don't update… So I am unable to unlock awake mode…

A typographical error I found.


Wow, how did I miss that.

Thank you for bringing these issues to my attention. They should be fixed now.

Your feedback has been invaluable.


Now… I don't mind the arousal mechanic… I just find it odd that if you're not getting consent that you'd need to wait for signs of her being aroused… Especially when you don't do the same for her mouth or other places.


Once you lift her legs, you can't put them down again. If you moved the panties to the side and lifted her legs, you can't remove her panties that night… But you can still bring her feet together to fuck them…?


These are small details, and don't matter much. Most people probably won't care either way if they are altered. I Just wanted to point them out because they stand out to me.

I should mention I have a type of Autism formerly know as Asperger Syndrome. I'm told that is why I can spot these inconsistencies. Though I think I can spot them because I actually care about these things being consistent.

In any case, keep up the good work, and stay awesome~!

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Is there a way to fuck her ass without licking it?
And can we unlock Awake Mode and Pregancy mode without licking her ass?
All I see in my head is specifically licking the anus, and it squicks me out (turn off).

Additionally, in order to fuck her pussy, you need to:
put your cock near her entrance (pussy)→rub cock on pusy→finger her pussy→put cock near her entrance (pussy) ― in that specific order.

With fucking her ass, it has to be:
lick her ass→put your cock near her entrance (ass)→finger her ass→put cock near her entrance (ass) ― in that specific order

And besides putting your cock near the entances, those seem like unneccasary steps.
Though seeing as you can rub your cock on her pussy and ass before putting your cock near her entrances, that seems a bit unncessary, too…

Should also point out that it's very hard for me to see the #/100 in the sleep level after the bar goes to the left of it.

You're not quite right on those orders. You just have to increase arousal for ass and pussy by licking/rubbing/fingering. A display shows up in the header when you start to do those things for either one. And then at any point you do also have to bring your cock to her to access the penetration options once arousal is met.

Licking is indeed required for anal, just my thought process of not wanting to try and fuck her ass dry, but I understand that analingus isn't appealing to everyone.

I can also see how bringing your cock to either hole feels like an unnecessary step.

Not being able to see the progress bar is an issue with not using Google Chrome, since that's what I tested the game in. I meant to make sure it shows properly in other browsers with the small bug-fix I put out a couple days ago, but forgot to. Sorry!

And per your other comment about Awake Mode, it does require unlocking Pregnancy Mode first. I'll make that more clear.

I'll consider your feedback and make some changes, and will for sure fix that bug with the progress bar. Thanks you.

I use FireFox on PC, because my roomie is logged into Chrome. If I forget to log out of Chrome, my YouTube gets really weird recommendations, so I just don't use it.

I have updated the game after taking your feedback into consideration.

Haven't paid much attention to the #\100 meter, but I am able to see the numbers in Android Chrome.

Will need to check Windows Chrome later.

as of the recent update you aren't able to increase the stat of rubbing the ass

It won't increase for me.

I am aware of the issue. I renamed that action's variable name, but forgot to put the new name on the Stats page. It's a minor issue that shouldn't have any effect on unlocking anything. It will be fixed in the next bug-fix update.

How do you cum inside her deep? I'm trying for the ultimate bonus but I can't see to get the costs low enough

Nevermind, as you keep trying the "fuck deep" option gets cheaper

I've gotten all the bonuses except "Ultimate Sleeping Sister Fucker"…
What exactly am I missing?

If you're still looking for an answer, you have to cum in every single way possible. Tip, deep, hands, feet, everywhere.

And how do I track that? To my knowledge, I have cummed in every way possible.

Then I have no idea how you don't have the achievement.

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I'm actually currently working an update to the game, and action tracking is part of it, should make it easier to know what you have left to do. I hope to have the update out this weekend.

That wpuld be much appreciated, thank you~!


Actions Used Stats


  • Touch Her Face: 2
  • Kiss Her: 4
  • Open Her Mouth: 8
  • Put Tip Inside: 7
  • Fuck Her Mouth(Tip): 5
  • Fuck Her Mouth(Deep): 2
  • Cum in Her Mouth(Jerk Off): 3
  • Cum in Her Mouth(Tip): 2
  • Cum in Her Mouth(Deep): 1


  • Lift up Her Shirt: 10
  • Get on Top of Her: 3
  • Touch Her Tits(Covered): 1
  • Touch Her Tits(Bare): 2
  • Rub Her Nipples: 1
  • Pinch Her Nipples: 1
  • Lick Her Nipples: 1
  • Suck Her Tits: 2
  • Fuck Her Tits(Slow): 2
  • Fuck Her Tits(Fast): 1
  • Cum on Her Tits(Jerk Off): 3
  • Cum on Her Tits(Jerk Off while on Her): 1
  • Cum on Tits(Slow Fuck): 1
  • Cum on Tits(Fast Fuck): 1


  • Pull Hand to You: 2
  • Place Cock in Her Hand: 1
  • Make Her Stoke You: 2
  • Cum on Her Hand: 1
  • Cum in Her Hand: 1

Thighs - Pussy

  • Take off Her Shorts: 13
  • Spread Her Legs: 14
  • Lift Her Legs: 7
  • Pull Panties to the Side: 2
  • Remove Panties: 11
  • Rub Her Thighs: 1
  • Rub Her Pussy(Shorts): 1
  • Rub Her Pussy(Panties): 2
  • Rub Her Pussy(Bare): 2
  • Finger Her Pussy: 6
  • Lick Her Pussy: 1
  • Rub Cock on Her Pussy: 8
  • Bring Cock to Her Entrance: 8
  • Fuck Her Pussy(Tip): 3
  • Fuck Her Pussy(Deep): 4
  • Cum on Her Panties: 1
  • Cum on Her Pussy: 2
  • Cum Inside Her Pussy(Jerk Off): 4
  • Cum Inside Pussy(Tip): 1
  • Cum Inside Pussy(Deep): 1

Thighs - Ass

  • Rub Her Asshole: 3
  • Finger Her Asshole: 2
  • Lick Her Asshole: 3
  • Rub Cock on Her Asshole: 2
  • Bring Cock to Her Entrance: 3
  • Fuck Her Ass(Tip): 1
  • Fuck Her Ass(Deep): 2
  • Cum on Her Ass: 1
  • Cum Inside Her Ass(Jerk Off): 1
  • Cum Inside Ass(Tip): 1
  • Cum Inside Ass(Deep): 1


  • Bring Her Feet Together: 3
  • Rub Her Foot: 2
  • Rub Her Feet: 1
  • Rub Cock on Her Foot: 2
  • Fuck Her Feet: 2
  • Cum on Foot: 2
  • Cum Between Feet: 2


How do I activate awake mode?
I went through the trouble of using the same action 100 times, but that just told me to restart the night…

I must say, keep up the splendid work there my good man!


Nice, would be fun if there was a licking feet option too~!




I cant scroll


Thanks for letting me know, it should be fixed now.


Yeah it works now