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When will the next update happen?

1 how do i do the pregnancy oly stats, i unlocked it but it wont work i turned n pregnancy mode but still wont work


i wish i could wake her without the pregnancy option enabled

Pretty good game I like it! Just wish there was some lactation due to the sister getting pregnant. Overall good game!

How tf do I get her to ride me??

she has to be awake and then there is an option for it

But where is the option even listed??? I had her awake and tried every spot I could think of...

its the change position.

Is it under Face, Chest, Hand, Thighs, or Feet? Those are the only selectable locations I see.

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its not under any of the options its at the same location where you wake her up(the exact same where the wakeup button is as in below the next night button)


i wish there was hymen breaking and that she could give birth and with another time travel you could do it to your daughter aswell.


bro thats…


dont act like there is some moral high ground




Just wanted to say that your game is thrilling, you did a great job with the writing. My only complaint is the achievements are very strong and make the game quite easy.

I know you're done with it but if you ever wanted to revisit it and add some content, you could add a random chance each night that your sisters friend is staying over and give the option to fool around with them as well. Or maybe another family member is visiting and staying in your sisters room with her. They could have their own stats. Could just be a surprise chance visit, or even lead to different endings. 

Additionally there could be a random chance each night that she's awake and doing something sexual and give the player the chance to peek and risk getting caught.

Just some ideas bouncing around in my head. But overall 10/10.


its good but it would be better with cutscenes!!


I played this game two years back, seeing it now is making me nostalgic a little bit, it was one of the first ever I've played that was like this and y'know disregarding what it's about, the ending was pretty wholesome. I liked it and for everyone other than the developer who's reading this. Try to get the Awake ending.

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Plot twist. She is doing the same thing to you too when you are asleep



I love it is fin but it is annoying because I wasn't aware of the awake mode so i unlocked everything so now everything is one and it takes wake to long to get to awake mode but its great

so ah, there's a small bug when you initially try to type in names? You have to accept the defaults and then go into options to change them. (It's not a big deal because you tell us how we can do so, I just wanted to let you know)

That honestly extremely minor detail aside,, this was a fantastic game. I especially like the way the different modes affect things? And also how you can miss some of those if you only focus on one or two fetishes. This was honestly a pleasantly entertaining game ^^

Really love your game and all the options! Are you working on more?


Glad you enjoyed it. I am currently working on a new game.


Are you able to say what it'll be?


Sure! It will be a small-scope sandbox game focused around looking after your naive, sheltered sister while your mom is away, and taking advantage of her. I've been working on a framework to make creating this kind of game easier for me, and this will be a trial run of actually putting it all to the test. I don't have any current ETA of when the first release will be at the moment, but I've been working on it a lot over the last month.

Interesting. Thank you!


When you unlock Awake mode you should be able to toggle it or a wake up button

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one question, theres no images?


Also How does one use Awake Mode?

how to do riding action?


I adore incest hentai games. I wish there's more out there without the whole step sister characters.


Weren’t you making another game? What happened to that? Also good job.


I stopped making it. I bit off more than I could chew and wasn't happy developing it anymore. I'm working on something else right now, smaller in scale. I'm glad you liked this game.

Is there any other secret s? Other than happy insident

I like it, just wish that there was an option to have her awake without her being pregnant. Also, I hoped to wake her up after I did every single thing to see if her reaction would be different but then I realized that every action only is -1 point worth, so uh yeah. Probably wouldn't had a different reaction anyway lol

yo i cannot at all get the secret bonus happy accident

could you tell me the exact requirements needed for me to get that

After unlocking and activating pregnancy mode, you have to wake her up by doing actions until the sleep level reaches zero.


Jo short question. Are you still working on that other game or did something happen that you had to scrap it? Just curious.


It was a case of biting off more than I could chew. As I was developing it, I kept realizing just how much work it all was and it was making me hate working on it, which made me not want to work on it. I wasn't happy and I felt like it was dragging me down. I decided to scrap it for now and focus on smaller scale projects for the time being. I'm working on something right now, but I won't be making any announcement until it's at or near a playable state. I apologize if that game was something you were looking forward to.


Don't worry. It is better if you work on something that you enjoy than something you hate. I will look forward to any game you make no matter what. Stay healthy mate.


i loved it i would like if  u added picture and videos of whats happening


Game is awesome and I loved the hell out of it, got all the way to the 'ending' but was somewhat disappointed that you're forced to have the pregnancy on for any awake interactions.

personally pregnancy is where I draw the line for anything but I was willing to push through it with the implied promise of turning it off later but if you turn it off and wake her up she gets mad.

incest is all fun and games until you make a problematic baby. 


Hey,   I absolutely love this game and I've finished the  whole thing, but I think it would be way better if you could be female yourself.  I  know it could be a tall order, and it's been over a year since this was made. Though, it is close to the anniversary and it's better than writing an epilogue, right?! Bi from Emily.

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If you turn pregnancy mode off in awake mode and switch positions, it still says shes pregnant




Well that's embarrassing. They're so obvious, not sure how I didn't catch them. Thanks for pointing them out 


This game is legit amazing, such detail and really makes you imagine the things that are happening. If I could I would rate this game a 500/10

That means a lot! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much.


Hey, I just wanted to say I loved every minute of it and that I would love to help you make games if you wanted any. I did find a small spelling mistake, you may wish to fix it. I woke her up and came on her belly after switching positions and this happened:
[Your sister] swats your hand away from your cock, and wraps her own hand around it and beings to stroke you.

The mistake is with "beings", it should be "begins"
I haven't published any games myself but I have some necessary skills, just FYI if you wanted to contact me.


Oh I figured it out.  To move on you want to do at least each action once and then turn on pregnancy.  Good stuff!

You know.  I didn't think a text game would be this interesting, but this really got me excited.  It is an awesome game.  I could not unlock awake mode either, but I was happy to just keep playing!

just cum in every way possible or wake her up while she's pregnant


I've done everything now. Is there no ending? Do I just continue repeating stuff?

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Correct, there is no concrete ending. Once you've unlocked Awake Mode, that's it. Sorry if that disappoints.

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